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Perhaps you're a whole food nut like us or just a teensy bit curious about exploring the world of organic locally-sourced food you can trust.  You're not alone!  Sign up for the Ghee Club and gain an automatic 10% discount on all future orders PLUS access to a recurring monthly supply of ghee, more recipes, exclusive offers, and an active community of whole food lovers such as yourself.

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 Kate Brown, the "force behind the food" at her farm in Northern California.

The Force Behind The Food

Kate, a passionate whole-foods foodie, avid hiker, nature lover, and organic farm promoter, was raised on her family’s farm in rural south Georgia and migrated to Northern California’s coast over twenty years ago where she currently resides. She is the chief creator and fueling force of Cultured Life Food. Her passion of serving kindness is conveyed by providing exceptional locally-sourced, nutrient-rich, superfoods: Quinoa Flour, Gomasio, and Ghee! She prides herself on her ability to connect with resources that support fulfillment and happiness.


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