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Cultured Life Food is an artisan food company immersed in a very unique landscape of Pacific coastal fog, ancient redwood trees and extraordinary farms!

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The farm of Cultured Life Food in remote Northern California is our home base and a prime environment for cultivating our products.

Ideal Location

Our remote Northern California location allows us to pursue our purpose of serving kindness by offering the absolute best locally-sourced, ORGANIC Quinoa Flour, Gomasio, and Ghee available while advocating for healthy soils.  Our home base is a prime environment for quinoa cultivation, sea-salt harvesting, and of course, a year-round lush, green pastoral spread for dairy cows to naturally graze.

Commitment To Sustainability

Cultured Life Food is devoted to provide remarkable locally sourced provisions by sourcing all dairy, quinoa, and salt from within a 90 mile radius of our kitchen allowing us to minimize our carbon foot print. Wild Rose Farm and Rumiano practice sustainable methods of farming, manufacturing and shipping. All of Cultured Life Food’s shipping materials are recycled and our delivery vehicle is electric. Cultured Life Food gives back by advocating for healthy, lively soils to grow our food and pastures.

Beautiful landscape of the Cultured Life Food sustainable farm.
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Wild Rose Farm
Wild Rose Farm in Blue Lake, CA innovatively cultivates all of the certified organic quinoa that we mill for our quinoa flour. Wild Rose Farm’s commitment to providing exceptional provisions while promoting healthy soil parallels our urge to support hearty, lively soil.  VIEW SITE

Rumiano logo

Rumiano, a fourth-generation dairy manufacturer in Crescent City, CA, provides the most optimal organic, European-style sweet cream butter available for our outstanding ghee! Rumiano’s commitment to local, natural pasture grazed, humanely raised, certified organic dairy parallels our mission of serving kindness.  VIEW SITE

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Pacific Flake Sea Salt Harvestry
Pacific Flake locally harvests sea salt from Humboldt Bay and this magic metamorphosis flavors our stellar Gomasio and Salted Ghee!  VIEW SITE


Eat Whole, Be Kind.

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